cloudSME – the European multi-cloud HPC platform.
Unifies cloud-access and -administration on a platform


The cloudSME platform technology was developed in the cloudSME project. The focus was the development of a European cloud platform that complies with European security standards and is in line with data protection – the project took place within the European Seventh Framework Program from 2013 to 2016.

The cloudSME UG was founded by 8 research project partners from 5 European countries, the head office is located in Duisburg, Germany.
The cloudSME multi-cloud platform is connected to more than 15 cloud infrastructures and high-performance computing centers and provides the functionalities via the cloudSME-Platform.

The cloudSME multi-cloud platform offers the possibility to upload, manage and provide SaaS (software-as-a-service). The following sections explain the possibilities for software developers, software-vendors, simulation users / end users and infrastructure providers.

End user (software user):

As an end-user, you have the possibility to flexibly access innovative simulation software solutions. Any software solutions offered on the cloudSME-Platform is offered as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). The offered SaaS-model keeps the costs flexible, so that End users do not need to make major investments for hardware, software or technical support. Through the targeted use of SaaS and its data, your can significantly increase the productivity and innovation-capacity of your company and secure yourself a market advantage to your competitors.
Place your company sovereignly through the cloudSME multi-cloud platform!


Software providers and developers:

cloudSME offers flexible billing models for simulation providers and developers. License per usage, license per month, etc. – each model variant runs over the European multi-cloud platform and enables secure and efficient marketing of its software or infrastructure.


The cloudSME Multi-Cloud:

  • Provides its software solution as a software-as-a-service-model (SaaS) and can be offered in the cloudSME AppCenter as well as executed directly from the cloudSME-Platform or via the cloudSME-WordPress-Plugin.
  • Brings benefits and flexibility by providing rapid deployment of its software solution and a wide range of cloud integration capabilities.
  • Provides seamless access to heterogeneous commercial- and private- cloud resources (IaaS) as well as European high-performance centers, e.g. HLS (DE), Cineca (IT), ROMEO (FR).
  • You have the free choice of the cloud and HPC resources on which you or your customers want to process data.
  • Use an award-winning platform technology, that allows you to calculate high-intensity CFD simulations (MPI supported).
  • Easily simulate your work processes and optimize them through the cloudSME-Platform
  • Benefit from our expert network at every step towards digitalization


Infrastructure Provider:

Discover new ways to connect your data-centers to the cloudSME-Platform and make your resources available to our customers.

If you’d like to read more about cloudSME, please visit the cloudSME-website.