The cloudSME WordPress plug-in can be used by software vendors to provide thier simulation software directly from their company website. The plug-in is used to establish a connection via the API of the cloudSME-Platform to the company website. This allows customers to provide cloudSME high-performance-computing services from their own website, which otherwise would only be possible directly via the cloudSME-Platform. Any software that is running on the cloudSME-Platform is able to get used by the cloudSME-Plugin.

Reasons to consider the cloudSME-WordPress-plugin

  1. Easy and fast to set up and configure
  2. Secure in communication via SSL / TLS
  3. You have full control over the prices, the instance types, the IaaS providers, etc.
  4. With the cloudSME-Platform, it is possible to adapt the specifications of the cloud environment to your needs dynamically and easy within minutes.
  5. The plugin can be designed with CSS3 in a way that it fits seamlessly into your current theme.