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  1. Provide the login credentials for the plugin. The credentials must be the same as used on the cloudSME-Platform. If you don't have a cloudSME-Platform account, please visit the cloudSME-Platform to register yourself a new account. After you logged in to the plugin, you will get access to the job configuration.


  1. In the job configuration, you need to specify the following things:
    1. Provide an argument-string for your job.
    2. Provide an valid job input-file.
    3. Specify if your file is an archive-file
  2.  After your job is configured, launch it by clicking on the "Launch job"-button.
  3. Once the job is launched, you will see the current status of your job.If your job is completed, it is possible to download your output-files by clicking on the "Get files"-button.
  4. When the files are transferred, you can download them by clicking on the respective links.
  5. After your job is complete, and you downloaded all needed files, you can log out or create a new job.

NOTE: If you logging out or creating a new job without saving the output-files of the old job, note that in both cases the previous job data will be lost.