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Installation guide:

NOTE: We are currently working on adding the plugin to the official WordPress repository. As long as you do not find the plugin in the WordPress repository, we would like to provide you with the plugin under the following link. Once the plugin is found in the repository, we will only refer to it. We would also like to point out that you should check for updates at regular intervals.



In order to use the cloudSME-plugin, you need:

  1. An active cloudSME-Platform account.
  2. Your software has to be deployed on the cloudSME-platform.
  3. The WordPress-website needs a widget-area to display the plugin into the front-end.


Plugin installation:

To install the plugin, you should log in as WP-Admin to your Website. Once this is done, please follow the steps described below to install the plugin.

  1. From the administration-page go to the "Plugins" menu.
  2. Select the "Add new" option.
  3. The location of the plugin-menu

  4. In the next window select the "Upload Plugin"-button in the upper left section of the page.
  5. The location of the "Upload Plugin"-button

  6. Upload the .zip-file containing the plugin and press the "Install now"-button.
  7. Installment of the Plugin

  8. Once the plugin is installed, it needs to be activated. Therefore, click the small text link called "Activate Plugin.
  9. If all step where handled correctly the plugin is installed on your WordPress-installation. The next big step is the configuration of the plugin.

Plugin configuration:

To configure the plugin to your needs, you need a cloudSME-Platform administration account. First you need to deploy your Software on the platform and if you wish to, you can also put your software in the cloudSME-AppCenter. If you don't have an administration account, please refer the corresponding tutorials on the cloudSME-website
  1. Once you deployed your software on to the cloudSME-Platform, go back to your website and access the WordPress-backend with your admin-account.
  2. From the admin-page go to the "Settings"-option.
  3. Select the "CloudSME Options" submenu item from the dropdown.
  4. You will be redirected to the "cloudSME Platform integration settings"-page. To use it, you need you cloudSME-Platform credentials, and the URL of the corresponding platform.
  5. After filling in all needed information into the form, click the "save changes"-button and wait until the site reloads automaticly.
  6. Once the changes are saved, the plugin connects to the cloudSME-Platform via the API of the platform. Please configure your software respectivly: Select your software and the resources from the available dropdown menus and press the "save changes"-button.
  7. Now that the configuration of the plugin is done, you have to put the actual widget of the plugin on to your website.

Plugin display settings:

To publish the installed and configured plugin on to your website, you need an widget-area in your WordPress-theme.
  1. From the administration-site, go to the "Apperence" submenu and select the "Widgets"-option.
  2. You will see the cloudSME-Plugin ("CSME Widget") On the newly opened page.
  3. To display the widget in the front-end of your website, you need to drag it into an active widget-area on the right side of the page.
  4. After saving your configuration, the plugin is ready to use. Please refer the "Plugin usage", to learn how to use the plugin from an end-user perspective.